The biggest hurdle for online businesses today is unsafe transactions. We regularly get news of many people being cheated by paying on personal development accounts without knowing or understanding anything through Paper/Facebook. In this case, customers need to be aware. So to make your payment 100% secure, the payment will be made through legal means so that you can take legal action if you are cheated. Our payment channels are highlighted below

Bank Account:

Bank transactions are the most secure. You will have the payment document provided by the bank and if necessary you will be able to present it as proof. To open a bank account in the name of the organization, you need to submit a trade license, office rent documents, national identity card, tax certificate, photo so that you can get help from the bank if needed.

Bkash Merchant Account:

In order to make a transaction, you have to make a transaction in bKash Merchant Account because a large payment cannot be made as a personal account bKash and if it is done then it is not legal. You know bKash only gives merchant accounts to traders.

Card Payment:

Payment on the card is as secure as a bank because all the documents like bank have to be submitted to the gateway company to get the gateway. Moreover, the gateway company is responsible to Bangladesh Bank. But if you want to use the payment gateway, you may have to pay extra charges.

We have all of the above payment systems. You can pay us by any means you like.